Family Culture

My race is African American , Creole and Native american.Most of my family is from southern states such as Mississippi , Atlanta, Tennessee, Louisiana  and Texas . We eat whats called soul food such as Collard greens , Cornbread , Chicken ,  and Cabbage .  We also eat Louisiana foods like Gumbo,Craw fish,Biegnets , Maiz […]

iside with you

The topic  i choose is  LGBT couples have the same rights to adopting like straight couples do. In Chicago most  Democrats voted yes  more than no . Their reasoning was they should have a  background check like everyone else.The Republicans chose yes more than no also so both sides sort of mutually agree. The Republicans […]

Word Cloud

I chose the words because they describe me as a person.The words are also motivational to me .I wanted the owl bubble because i like the cute drawings of owls . I don’t like the real ones though . I chose my colors because they go together and there so pretty to me .   […]